The aim of SEO strategy is to increase the visibility of your site content on the Internet. there are 2 strategy methods to rank a page on the internet – the first is a quick, that’s short-cut strategy, and the other is a planned long-haul strategy, that’s a long term run. These best explain bypassing of Google’s SEO rules. Now the best question to ask is, “Which SEO Strategy is better for ranking a content?” White Hat or Black Hat SEO Strategy?

The common thing is that both methods want to reach the same location, while the black hat and white hat approach to SEO still work differently. White hat seo strategy highlights a method following Google’s search engine optimization rules, while black hat seo strategy breaks the terms of service of the search engine.

SEO strategies for White Hat and Black Hats, Which one comes better for ranking?



White SEO improves online rankings over the long term. It is more concerned with organic growth. It is about giving the highest quality of content by simply following the search engine rules. Which they’re easy to access.

As it emphasizes more on quality content production and to bring organic audience, the biggest and most successful best brands generally choose to use methods for White Hat. The choice of the method of white hat requires the following points to be considered as white hat seo practitioner:

Meta description:

The Meta description of a site is a first few sentences which appear under the title of the page in the search results. the meta description shouldn’t be overstuffed with keywords. Each page includes or provide a space between the header tags for Meta-data or your page description when designing a website. It is the window display of your website that encourages people to click. Two full sentences are generally included in a good Meta description.

Effective keyword use:

The use of keywords defines as what’s your content all about. Google has become smart over the years, so over placing a keywords into your content will not boost your SEO rankings.

Now Google interprets keywords that also track term synonyms. Only ensure that your keywords are strategically positioned where the headlines, meta description and your URL prefix. Few references to the keyword are enough in the content body. With your keywords, you do not need to bombard the reader by repeating and repeating the same word.

Quality content:

The primary driver for search engine rankings is quality content. Quality content bring your target audience and typically increases the traffic of your site. Your SEO rankings will depend on the time that visitors spend on your website.

Visitors tend to spend more time consuming information when you create a better content. It’s not easy to come up with great content, but it will make you stand out. It is the basis of any good and successful SEO content. The uniqueness and quality of the content is essential, syntax and grammar mistakes to be avoided.

Creating relevant internal links:

Generally speaking, creating links in within your content shows that your site has value. Creating links to relevant content and pages would eventually allow you to maintain, boost your site traffic and your SEO rankings also.


The black hat approach concerns a way short cuts, jumping rules and bypassing protocols, to make your site a top search engine spot. This form of technique leads to spamming, poor quality contents that run the risk of being easily banned.

In certain instances, the marketer will be punished, and he/she risks not building something in the future. On the monetary side, it can lead to some more problems but also it depends on the marketer’s constant update on the information and ingenuity of the search engines on how they can bypass the laws.

It is very simple to implement the black hat strategy, which explains why it is a fast get ranked quick project. In the SEO world it is a villain, and marketers who practice this tactic method are generally considered to be outlaws of the SEO world. The choice of the method of black hat requires the following points to be considered as black hat seo practitioner:

Unconnected keywords:

It’s a way to get undeserved visibility on your site whereby keywords are not related to your content. Use keywords in an inappropriate way. This is detected by search engines and, if they do, it will eventually lead to your site or post a red flag that will effectively ban your site.

Duplicate content:

A duplicate content is a content copied from other sites and then pasted on your site as an original content. The importance of unique quality content cannot be underestimated, as we noted while talking about the white hat approach. This provides users with a solution to their problems, without violating any law.

Content duplication is classified by search engines as one of the deadliest tactics for black hat strategy.


This SEO technique is rated as one of the most negative means of traffic and a site ranking. Cloaking offers a whole new content to its users and the search engine then suggest your url.

It is about helping people who do not have any relevant results. The search engines are deeply frowned upon.

Comment automation:

Have you ever had the word “spam comment”? It is a set of automated comments, typically obtained from bots, with a link to the original content. Recently, the black hat practice has become one of the most common. There are tools to avoid this, although.

White hat and Black hat SEO strategies, Which is better for ranking ?

We condemn Black Hat SEO tactics very highly and this won’t help you online success. Two or three years ago, Black Hats SEO succeeded, but it is getting to be down your site.

If you want a higher ranking then we recommend, using White Hat Tactics on your Site and very soon you will get a positive performance.

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