The Season of Arrivals has come, and it’s time to check in on Xur. Are you asking of where is XUR Today? After all, his inventory is the only thing that matters when the new season begins. If you’re new with the game, Xur is a character who sells imported weapons and amour in the Destiny universe over the weekend.

He has an exotic for each of the 3 classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. At 6 p.m. BST, he appears in an apparently random location and offers rare gear in exchange for Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by striking legendary gear or completing activities.

Where is XUR Today Destiny 2

We say random location, but he’ll always be located in the same places, such as the EDZ’s “Winding Cove,” IO’s “Giant’s Scar,” Titan’s “The Rig,” Nessus’ “Emperor’s Barge,” and the Tower’s “Hangar.” He will be gone after the game’s weekly reset on Friday at 10 a.m., and you will have to wait until Tuesday to see him again.

Who is XUR?

In Destiny, Xur is an Agent of the Nine and a dealer who exchanges Strange Coins and Motes of Light for exotic weaponry and armour, engrams, exquisite Shards, and consumables. Every weekend, from 9:00 a.m. Friday to 9:00 a.m. Sunday UTC, he can be found in various locations like the Tower and Vestian Outpost.

From 9:00 AM Friday until the following Weekly Reset on Tuesday, Xûr can be found at various locations across the European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, and Io in Destiny 2. Xûr accepts Legendary Shards instead of Strange Coins in return for exotic weapons and amour.

Xur’s merchandise changes every week and whenever he reaches a new location. Solar, void, and arc weaponry are among the weaponry he offers. fated engrams and his mission steps are the only items that remain constant.

  • Xûr – Agent of the Nine
  • Species – Jovian
  • Gender – Male
  • Job – Vendor
  • Actor – Fred Tatasciore
  • Appearance(s) – Destiny 2

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Where is XUR Today?

Are you looking for XUR Today’s location? If yes, then XUR is now stationed at Tower, the hangar behind Dead Orbit.

What is Xur Selling? – June 2021

  • Two-Tailed Fox
  • Stomp-EE5
  • Severance Enclosure
  • Chromatic Fire

Where is XUR location today?

The XUR Location for today is: Tower, hangar behind Dead Orbit

Where is XUR Today

Where is XUR in June 2021?

This week XUR is found at the location: Tower, hangar behind Dead Orbit


With such a large expanse to cover, Xur could be at anywhere when he shows up. Every week, we’ll keep you informed on his locations and inventory. So that you could go right to his store and buy everything you wanted.

That’s all you should know about where you can locate XUR With the information above | Destiny 2: The Fallen, you should be able to make an informed decision. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, they need it too.

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