Fortnite: Battle Royale has gained a lot of traction and is now a major competitive game since it’s release in 2017. Epic’s financial commitment to huge prize pools for the game’s tournaments has aided in attracting the most seasoned players, as well as their crowds of followers. However, if you’re new to the competitive environment, some of the terminology can be unclear. You might be wondering what PR means in Fortnite.

What Is Fortnite Power Ranking

In Fortnite’s competitive scene, PR, or Power Rankings, is utilized to identify who the greatest players are. Over on Fortnite Tracker, the rankings are updated every 24 hours, and participants receive scores based on their ranks and performance in previous tournaments.

While Power Rankings are presently the most accurate way of determining who the best competitive Fortnite players are, they are not ‘official’ figures from Epic Games. Fortnite Tracker, an independent site from the game’s developer and publisher, calculated all of this.

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How Does Fortnite Power Ranking Is Calculated

Fortnite Tracker has detailed how they determine a player’s rank, which begins with a cumulative points approach. Every event in which a player participates is worth a certain number of points, and their position within the event, as well as the difficulty and/or “importance” of that event, will influence the number of points that event awards.

Depending on their position in the competition, a player can win anywhere from 5 to 1000 points. Those who finish outside of the top 100 will receive between 5 and 199 points, while those who finish in the top 100 will receive between 200 and 1000 points.

The multiplier that an event is given is where the relevance of the event comes into play. A cash cup may have a 1x multiplier, while a World Cup qualifier has a 10x multiplier, according to Fortnite Tracker.

That implies that winning a World Cup qualifier will get you 10,000 points, rather than the maximum 1,000 points available in a cash cup.

Finally, when four months have gone after the event’s finish date, the number of points a player gets from it will begin to ‘decay.’ After four months, 10% of the total points gained from that event will be deducted from a player’s total points score, which will be increased over the next 14 months.

The event will no longer be counted towards the player’s Fortnite PR when 18 months have passed after it was played.


That’s all there is to know about Fortnite’s Power Rankings, and you now know what PR stands for.

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