Subtitle is a key role if you want to enjoy watching your movies, some of us watch movies that we are unfamiliar with their language, I will use of indian and korean movies as an example. most times they are recording movies using their native languages not English.

So as someone who only understand english but movie but not recorded in english but in their native language, how will you understand what they say or what the movie is all about? Well, these days things are getting easier everyday.

we now have websites that offer subtitles of different movies in different languages not only english but also other popular languages in the world. if you are one of those people who are looking for a websites to download subtitles for a movies, then you are the right place here.

What you have to do is not to skip any part of this article because skipping any heading of this article will make you not to understand this article. I made a research of best sites that offer a best wide range of subtitles in different languages, right now I will list them out so that you can find best that will suit you.

List Of Websites To Download Movies Subtitles 2021

1. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is one of the best on the internet when it come to getting a movie subtitles in different languages. OpenSubtitles offer subtitles from different languages and countries.

OpenSubtitles you can easily find, search and subtitles, the site is easy for navigation and finding subtitles. This site offer a best features that is why is counted among the best websites to download movie subtitles.

2. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is one of my favorite website to find movies subtitles. This site offer a best when it comes to an accurate words to words compared to other websites claiming they offer movie Subtitles download, that you may find Subtitles is incorrect or not overlapped to movie.

YIFY offer subtitles in different languages in over 20+ popular languages known from different part of the world. What make this site to be among my favorite is they offer a regular update hourly, you can find a movie subtitles without going too far or by searching using the search box, input your keywords and press enter command to show up your search data. I will recommend YIFY as one of the best website to download movies subtitles in 2021.

3. Subs4free

Subs4free is a website that offers a subtitles starting from movies and also TV Series and this site allows downloading of subtitles very easy.

Subs4free only offer subtitles in Geek and English that’s two languages only, so if you are someone looking for an english subtitles for a particular movie or TV series. Then Subs4free will serve you the best because their subtitles are very accurate. Subs4free is find to be among the best websites to download movies subtitles easily.

4. BollyNook

BollyNook is another best place to find a moviea subtitles, it’s arguably that this site offer the best way to download Bollywood Movie Subtitles and another good thing on this website is that they offers you subtitles in different languages like, english, arabic, italian and many more languages.

BollyNook offer you a best and easier way to enjoy watching bollywood movies translated to language you understand. I’ll recommend BollyNook as also a best website to find and download movies subtitles.

5. English Subtitles

English Subtitles is another best website you can find and download movies subtitles free. But this website only deliver movies subtitles in english and no other languages available like other websites i listed above that offer subtitles in different languages.

English Subtitles do best to offer it’s users with accurate English subtitles, And this website is unique in terms of design and easy navigation. This website also allows it Users to upload their own Subtitles in english for other users to download.

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