We all require a suggestion to learn more about the search query at some point. Youtube is an excellent example of recommendation. When we watch a video on YouTube, the AI provides automatic instruction on the right side of the page. In reality, Google’s search results follow a similar pattern. Furthermore, Apple’s popular AI, SIRI, suggests and answers all of our questions. It can be helpful at times, but it frequently irritates us by making irrelevant suggestions. Let’s get started on figuring out how to get the iPhone to stop giving irrelevant suggestions.

Siri provides suggestions for reasonable steps and shortcuts to help you get the most out of your iPhone. Furthermore, Siri frequently makes mistakes and provides unrelated Apps, contacts, web results, and other suggestions. These removable shortcuts and suggestions may be found below the suggested app, notifications on the lock screen, and suggested contacts on the share sheet in the spotlight search. We also know how to delete search suggestions, however it isn’t that simple to be removed.

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How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

One of the simplest ways to stop the irrelevant suggestion is to instruct your device that you don’t want any or fewer suggestions. Long-pressing the recommendations allows you to control the feature. After that, you’ll see a Suggest minor shortcut option. When you select that option, the suggestions disappear. It will also never make any suggestions in the future, as we previously stated that Apple’s AI will work based on how you use your device.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

To disable suggestions on the home and lock screens, repeat the steps above. When you long tap on suggestions in the contacts app, it will prompt you to Share less because they are not a shortcut. It won’t completely delete all ideas, but it will now provide some less relevant options that may assist you in finding what you’re looking for on your device.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

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Disable Suggestion Completly

Although, as previously said, the method does not completely stop the suggestion feature, some of them will still be visible. Follow the procedures below if you wish to get rid of all suggestions. You must disable Siri’s suggestion in order to do so.

Step 1: Go to your iDevice’s settings app.

Step 2: Then select Siri and Search from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: After that, disable all of the toggle switch’s options.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

The options of suggestions are mention below

While Searching: All recommendations are removed from spotlight searches.

On Lock Screen: All Siri Suggestions are removed from the lock screen.

On Home Screen: When we swipe down on the home screen, all Siri Suggestions are removed.

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When Sharing: It clears out the share sheet of all Siri Suggestions.


So far, iOS devices have been flawless, but they do have some issues that Apple may fix/update in a future update. You may get rid of Siri’s pointless suggestions by following the instructions above. Toggle on the switches or reset the settings to default if you wish to re-enable it. If you like the fix, please let us know in the comments section. Regularly visit our website for more guides.

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