Curved screens may appear to be cool, but unless you’ve ever unintentionally try to activate your phone while trying to get it out of your pocket or bag. you have no idea how annoying they can be.

let’s me say that the viewing sights of Curved screens are not that suitable when you’re watching video on one of them.

Samsung is one of the smartphone device that adopted a curved screen to most of their devices. I won’t say that curved screen devices are completed anoying, but they’re somehow to that.

Today In this article, we’re going to look at some best samsung phones with flat screen.

Best Samsung Phones Without Curved Screen

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G

Best Samsung Phones without Curved Screens

Right now, the Samsung S21 Plus 5G is the best phone without a curved screen. The phone comes with a lot of useful features for anyone looking for a modern phone.

It has a 6.7-inch AMOLED flat screen with a high refresh rate, is water and dust resistant, has a flagship Chipset, a superb 4,800mAh battery, and Android 11.

Samsung S21 Plus 5G is not just a flat screen device, but also the best flat screen smartphone available in 2021.

You get a superfast 888 Snapdragon Chipset, as well as the latest version of Android. The device comes with 8GB RAM and a 2.84GHz octa-core CPU.

Considering the screen’s greatness, the Gorilla Glass Victus comes protected, ensuring that the device does not crash when a short, casual drop occurs. Glass is also available to guard against scratches.

It is a 6.7-inch 1080 x 2400 display. The device maybe tall in hand, but the resolution makes the viewed content crispy. You cannot expand storage to the only disadvantage when it comes to storage.

But 128GB of internal storage is available for you, or you can choose to go for other upgraded storage model of 256.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Best Samsung Phones without Curved Screens

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is another best Samsung phone without curved screen. While both a wireless and waterproof charging system, you also have a 120Hz 120-Hz Super AMOLED display. This gives you a smooth view.

It comes with Android 10 (which can be upgradable) and a Snapdragon chipset, which make sure the device’s apps work fast enough with them. So yes, with the 5G version you get 5G network available for you to use. The download and upload speeds are incredible compared to 4G.

The screen is super AMOLED 6.5-inch and the S-20 FE 5G fingerprint scanner should be known for its deep blacks and vibrant colours.The S20 FE 5G is equipped with the Gorilla Glass 3 screen 1080 x 2400 pixels to protect it against scratches, dust, or short accidental drops.

The S20 FE 5G will provide the highest performance. It comes with a 2.84GHz octacore CPU and 6GB or 8GB RAM snapdragon chipset. This makes the phone perfect for gaming or evey day activities, such as social media, video streaming and browsing the internet.

A 4500mAh battery is equipped in the S20 FE 5G. The battery can be charged fast at 25W and wireless at 15W. You can also charge other devices with this device because it supports wireless reverse charging.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Best Samsung Phones without Curved Screens

The S10e was Samsung’s best flat screen device months before the S20 FE 5G arrived.

It does not support 5G or have a high refresh rate screen, although it has some comparable features such as washproof and wireless charging support.

With the above listed disadvantages about this device still doesn’t make this phone not to be among the top best samsung flat screen phones. The phone support a wireless charging and is waterproof support, this 2 only features make this device to stand out among 100s.

The S10e features a 5.8″ display. It’s the smallest in the list you get now but very detailed and sharp because it’s a dynamic AMOLED screen.

It comes with Gorilla Glass 5, better protection than Gorilla Glass 3 which comes with S20 FE 5G. It is 1080 x 2280 screen with Gorilla FE 5.

This means that your screen is extra protected against scratches and short drops.

The Snapdragon Chipset provides you with a 2.84 GHz CPU while the Exynos chipset provides a 2.73 GHz CPU.

It won’t be a problem to run a lot of apps as the device is having 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, either of which are good enough to run multiple applications without ending it.

You will also have the S20 FE 5G, 128GB and 256GB storage options. If you want more, you may expand with an SD card, but you have one of your SIM cards to pick up.

The S10e comes with a 3100mAh battery. It supports 15W fast charging as well as 15W wireless charging. You may charge other devices with the S10e (using reverse wireless charging).

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4. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

IMG 20210619 112351 1 HitOnTech

In today’s list, the S10 Lite is the best midrange flat screen Samsung phone. While water resistance and wireless charging aren’t included as features of this device, but you do get a powerful Snapdragon CPU.

This device is great for those of you who want to do activities that are too “heavy” for most other devices.

If you think the S10e or S20 FE 5G are a little too pricey for you, the S10 Lite is the device for you. It can be used for gaming, multitasking, and so on.

The S10 Lite comes with a 6.7-inch display. It’s a tall screen, but Super AMOLED displays are known for their deep blacks and brilliant colors.

There isn’t a refresh rate here. However, with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the display is clear and detailed.

The S11 Lite is supplied with a 2.84GHz CPU and either 6GB or 8GB RAM snapdragon chipset.

The S10 Lite comes with a big 4500mAh battery, while you can’t have wireless charging here. It is perfect for lighter and heavier users for daily work.

5. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Best Samsung Phones without Curved Screens

As 5G is coming slowly, we will see devices supporting this fast internet network. One of the 5G Samsung phones we are listing today with a flat-screen is the A71 5G. The A71 5G makes 5G available on a budget from Samsung.

The 6.7-inch screen comes on the A71 5G. It’s an AMOLED screen that you’ll get. Gorilla Glass 3 is also available here to protect the smartphone from scratches and cracking.

It’s a 1080×2400 display so expect a high display and the possibility to view YouTube FullHD videos.

The reason is that there is a 2.2GHz CPU on the Exynos chipset. The device is suitable for light to moderate but not heavy use. You can, however, run several light applications and you cannot overwhelm the phone, as it comes in either 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

The A71 5G comes with a battery of 4500mAh, and is perfect for most users because it has a battery that is lasting. It can be charged as quickly at 25W.


These are the list of some Best Samsung phones without curved screen you can go for.

Most of the new phones come with a curved screens now, and that limit your display experience. Now most of the phones I listed here are in middle budget category. So just choose one from the above and go for when you’re looking for best Samsung phones without curved screen. So here it comes the end of this article, for more time I’ll keep updating this article time to time. Bookmark page for instant update.

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