To know how to receive money from abroad to your country is very important to you and me.

If you are one that works remotely online as freelancer. Then probably knowing how to receive money from aboard to your country is important to you.

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If you are living in nigeria and among those that ask “how to receive money from abroad to Nigeria”. Then you get nothing to worry again now. As I’ll do my best to shortlist best ways you can receive money from abroad in nigeria.

As i indicate before that to know this is very important to you and to me. For example the world universal has changed. you can work online from different places.

And also you may have someone close to you working in abroad and that person intend to send you money from abroad.

You mean you will tell him that you don’t know way you can receive the money?

No please don’t say that to him, you may end up missing what he intend to bless you with.

So you get nothing to worry about, Today you’ll get to know best ways you can receive money from abroad in nigeria.

List of Possible and Simple Methods of Receiving Money From Abroad in Nigeria

1. Wеѕtеrn Unіоn

Western Union serves you with the best means of sending and receiving money international through commercial bank or online Banking.

You can receive money with western union through different ways. below I’ll list the three ways you can receive money from abroad with Western Union in nigeria.

Through Cash Reciept:

Receiving money with cash receipt is quite easy and simple. Because nothing stressful is included for you to get your money.

What you have to present for you to claim your money is government issue ID Card, and your tracking number for a verification and with any agent that is close to you.

Through Western Union Prepaid Card:

This method is simple and straight forward too, to get your money deposited to your local bank. You just need Western Union Prepaid Card. which with this you can easily access your account online and make transfer to your prepaid card.

Through Direct Bank Deposit:

This method is the straight and simple method I will suggest. Because is just straight forward as I stated. you don’t have to worry about any verification, tracking of numbers and other verification things. All you have to do is to get money deposited to your bank account. All what is after this method is one thing, that’s the sender just need to send you the money through Western Union To your Account Bank.
That’s All.

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2. TransferWise (Wise)

To receive money with TransferWise in nigeria is easy and simple. The sender need to just open an account with TransferWise, fill out details through their website. When the sender Send the money through credit card, probably you will get the money almost instantly.

But If he transfer you the money. you will have to wait for like two or three days to get it reflect in your account bank.

3. MоnеуGrаm

To have your money received through MoneyGram, you just need to visit any agent close to you. There are so many places you can reach those agents. what you are required to present is identification documents and later you will be given a reciever Completion Form to fill. After All this verification process you will receive your money to your account bank.

4. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is another good option which you can use to receive money from abroad in nigeria. It offer a very good option for low cost fee and easy of transfer money from abroad to Nigeria. The sender just need some verification and fill up details, pay and you get money deposited to your account bank instantly.

5. Pаураl

Another way to receive money in Nigeria is Through “PayPal” I know maybe you have heard about PayPal before. But one hurt story is Nigeria’s are not allowed to use PayPal to receive money. But with PayPal, to receive money from abroad to your local location is easy and straight forward. what the sender just need is your PayPal Address, PayPal address is serve like your account number.

That’s all what the sender need and he will send you money direct to your PayPal account. and later you can withdraw straight to your local banks. But here now in nigeria we can’t do that, Since Nigeria is not legally allow to for recieve money through paypal. How ever you can still use a third party option in acceptable countries and getting the person transfer the money to you using of the method listed here.

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But soon I know things will be solved like those country that PayPal stop supporting a transaction, PayPal will look about the issue. As for now you can See that ‘Flutterwave and PayPal collaborate to allow African merchants to accept and make payments’. You can check how you can enable “Pay with PayPal” on flutterwave.

6. Payoneer

Receiving money in Nigeria from abroad through payoneer account and payoneer Mastercard is straight forward and legal in Nigeria. You are just required to register an account on, after that you will be given an account number.

Which you will be using for recieving money from others. Payoneer Mastercard will be given to you which you will use for your withdrawal or link direct to your Bank account.

Payoneer Mastercard is an international electronic payment can which can be use in anyplace in the world. I will try to provide you with steps and guide to follow, To create payoneer account In Nigeria.

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