After many rumors, Apple finally introduced the AirTag. Apple’s item tracking accessory relies on the ultra-wide-bandwidth U1 chip and relies on the Find My network to work even when offline. However, an interesting detail that was not mentioned in the main event is that even Android users can identify the AirTag in Lost Mode.

Since AirTag is deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, it requires an iOS device to function. Both setup and tracking are done through the Find My app, which makes the accessory not ideal for those with an Android phone.

However, Apple wants to make sure that people have a better chance of getting their lost items back. According to a new support post posted on Apple’s official website, the AirTag will be able to exchange signals by any other NFC-enabled iPhone or even Android device while in Lost Mode.

So even if someone with an Android phone finds your item, that person can easily bring their device closer to AirTag to find out more details about the owner of the item. AirTag will provide a URL with personalized notifications that can be added to the item tracker using the Find My app.

“Touch and hold your iPhone or NFC-enabled smartphone to the white side of the AirTag. Tap the message that appears. This will open a web page that provides information about AirTag, including its serial number. If the owner marks it as missing, you can see a message with information about how to contact the owner.You can contact the owner to let them know that you have found the card. AirTag of them. You can see notifications Lost Mode on any smart phone that supports NFC, such as iPhone or Android phone. “

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