Are you willing to learn that how you can earn money from blogging? If yes, you are at the right place.

Before learning how to earn money from blogging, let’s learn the basics and researches which are mandatory in the blogging field.

What is a blog?

Simply, a blog also called a weblog is like a website, published on the world wide web. A blog is a platform where stories, thoughts, experiences, interests, and anything of love are shared by an individual (blogger) in the form of text, images and videos.

What is Blogging?

Blogging refers to the act of creating or writing content as a post in your blog.


From the recent research as of 2021, we knew that there are more than 1.7 billion websites, approximately 600 million plus-blogs on the internet world, and 2.5 billion blog posts are published by bloggers each year, bloggers publish 6,912,000 posts on their daily basis,

According to General Blogging Statistics, 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages per month.

“According to Reports Of Glassdoor,” the average income of a blogger’s salary per year is more than 32800 dollars.

Is the above information not interested? Well, let’s go further to know more.

So, how you will make money from blogging?
there are many ways you can use to make money with your blog site, below I will list out best possible ways you can make money with your blog site.


1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing to me is number 1 best to make money as a blogger, by which you promote a business’s or company’s products, and thus when you make sales by promoting products you get a commission, this process of earning a commission, is called affiliate marketing.

The sale is tracked through links from one website to another.
Thus, a blogger can earn a good income by promoting the products of other people on his blog.
Companies Running Affiliate Marketing Are: AMAZON.COM, ALIBABA.COM, EBAY.COM And others have their affiliate programs also, which you can join free and earn money in the form of commission. this commission differs from 1 dollar to 1000 dollar and from product to product. Well, it depends on the promotion of the product and percentage you’re to earn

Simply, a blogger has to target a product (a product in which he is interested) he has to promote it on his blog.

2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a network of google which is an ad publisher that helps bloggers to earn money for showing ads on their blogs, and it permits publishers (companies or people who want promotion of their products) to pay money for showing their ads.

Let us have a look at, How Google Adsense works?

What is a good Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google AdSense? + Tips to improve your CTR

For showing ads on your blog or website you will need a Google Adsense account to earn money from ad clicks on your blog.
For each click on an ad, Google charges the advertiser.
Your earning of Google Adsense will depend on the level of competition and commission per on ads, the CPC can rank from 0.20 dollars to 15 dollars depending on targeted locations.

The bloggers as well as website owners who publish their content as a post get 68% amount of the ad clicks or 51% amount of the ad clicks.

3. Selling Digital Products

Selling of Digital Products are items or services, that are sold online, they don’t have a physical shape.

Do you possess any expertise in the selling field, then it will not be difficult for you to go for selling digital products on your blog.

People may wish to buy digital products Like:

  • Music, video, or images
  • eBook
  • Apps or Software
  • Online courses
  • Plugins or themes And many more things you can sell

4. Offering for Consultation Services

If you are able to solve the problems of people and their businesses through giving advice or consultation, and if you are well known and expert in providing consultation services, then you can charge a consultation fee from your clients by giving advice or solutions to their problems.

5. Website Flipping

Let’s understand what website flipping is, and how you can earn money from it.

What is website flipping?

Website flipping means you buy an existing website, and you sell it after making some improvements (improvements mean, you increase the number of viewers and you create well content for a website, etc.).

This is the same for Blog flipping, in this way you can also generate money,

Where you can buy and sell a website?

Well, for this purpose is the best website for blog and website flipping.

6. Event Blogging

Event blogging is the way to earn a good passive income in a short period of time.

Event blogging is a micro-niche blog in which you write content as a post by picking a particular topic on a specific event.

Events like:

  • Happy New Year
  • EidDay
  • Christmas Day
  • Happy Diwali
  • Valentine’s Day, etc.

Event blogging is the blogging in which you have to pick a certain event, and you have to make relevant content according to the event which you have picked.

For event blogging, you will need to focus on forthcoming events.

So, how you will earn money from event blogging?

Forsake of earning money, you will monetize your event blog in many ways, but we recommend you the best way:

  • Google Adsense

This is the very good way to earn money from blogging, if you want to be financially free, then this is a good way, but it requires hard work, lots of passions, long days as well as long nights, and much more you will need to sacrifice, then definitely you will be a successful blogger.

Hope you have understood all about blogging which I explained above.

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