Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has provided a RAM expansion technology to MEA users for the first time on its Reno5 series of smartphones.

RAM+ is a new auxiliary function that allows users of the Oppo to quickly convert some small amount of their smartphones storage (ROM) into virtual RAM.

Users can simply enjoy up to 7GB of more RAM with a single click in the smartphone’s settings, depending on the memory specs of their phone.

After installing a software update on the OPPO, go to the ‘About Phone’ of the phone and restart the phone to activate the RAM expansion function.

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The RAM expansion capability on the OPPO (mostly available from July) can be activated after installing a software update and restarting the phone.

What Is Ram Expansion?

RAM expansion allows you to increase the RAM on your smartphone – although in a virtual way – by using the phone’s internal storage.

For example:

This is a “virtual” RAM, meaning that the quantity of additional RAM isn’t physically present on your smartphone. For example, if a phone has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and the RAM is increased by 5GB, the phone will now have 11GB of RAM and about 123 GB of internal storage.

How Does Ram Expansion Works In Oppo?

On Oppo smartphones, the Memory Expansion function works by converting specific parts of the onboard storage (ROM) into virtual RAM. Simply expressed, if the smartphone has 8GB RAM, users can use this capability to allocate more RAM to it. Although there is a fixed limit of up to 7GB that users can use as virtual memory.

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Steps On How To Increase RAM Size On OPPO Smartphones

Step 1: Update the software on your smartphone to the most recent version.

Step 2: Open your phone “Settings >> About phone”, click on “RAM”, finally enter “RAM expansion”

Increase RAM Size On OPPO

Step 3: Select the appropriate expansion size you need and restart the phone.

Step 4: When you open the Multitasking interface, you’ll see that the extra RAM has been added, as indicated by the ‘Close All’ button below.

Step 5: Instead, go to “About Phone” and look for the expanded RAM under RAM Expansion Technology Availability in the RAM section.

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List Of Oppo Phones That RAM Expansion Technology Function Is Available

ModelROMRAMRAM Expansion Plan
OPPO Reno5128GB8GB2GB, 3GB, 5GB
OPPO Reno5 F128GB8GB2GB, 3GB, 5GB

Users will experience an improved performance, which allows enhanced data processing capability and minimizes frame loss rate and fragmentation, according to Oppo. “RAM+ provides smoother switching between apps that are running in the background at the same time, allowing the phone’s configuration to be used to its full potential,” according to the company.

Furthermore, Oppo features three levels of change in this function, allowing users to alter the size of their RAM on the run to meet their needs.

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