Important guide used in changing Administrator on Your Windows 10/11 PC

Well, if you have been making using of
Windows 10 for a while now, you might have the knowledge that the operating system allows or permit you to open multiple of local accounts. It’s very simple to set up or open a local accounts on Windows 10.

Also, you can easily set a different passwords for any different account you created on Windows 10. On your Windows, you can create multiple
account types,such as the Standard and Administrator account .

Both user account types normally operate on a different categories .So however, the Standard account not more preferably to the Administrator one. So, if you have a Standard account and you actually wished to convert it into Administrator, you can easily do it quickly.

Simple steps to Change Administrator on Windows!

Hence, in this article, we are going to share an important detailed guide to follow on how to change Administrator on Windows 10/11 operating system.We have shared multiple steps and methods you can make use of, any of them in which you understand to switch account types. Let’s look out.

Note: That we make used of Windows 10 to analyze the steps already .so You also need to use same steps on your Windows 11 PC.

 Change User Account Type through you your Settings

In this method, we will be using the Settings app in other to change the user account type. Then, you now need to follow carefully some of the simple steps listed below.

1. Firstly to change user account , you have to click on the Windows Start button and then you select Settings on your PC.Account Type 1 HitOnTech

2. Then on the Settings page, you will have to click on the Accounts option.Account Type 2 1 HitOnTech

3. On the left page, you will click on the Family & any other users option on the page.Account Type 3 HitOnTech

4. On the right page,you will click on the Local account which will allow you to change or access account type option on the page .Account Type 4 HitOnTech

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5. Next,you can now click on the Change account type option as it is been shown below.Account Type 5 HitOnTech

6. Under the Account type, you can easily choose the Administrator and press on the Ok buttonAccount Type 6 HitOnTech

All cleared ! You are done.

Steps to Change User Account Type making using of Control Panel.

This steps will makes us to utilize the Control Panel so as to change the user account type. Below are some important steps you need to change user account :

1. First of foremost , use Windows Key + R button on your keyboard. By clicking that it will automatically open the RUN dialog box.Account Type 7 HitOnTech

2. then On the RUN dialog box,you will have to enter the control and click Enter button.Account Type 8 HitOnTech

3. On the Control Panel,you can click on the Change Account type option it is found under the User Accounts section .Account Type 9 HitOnTech

4. Fourthly you will select the account that you wish to make Administrator.It is located at the left side of the page ,click on the Change the account type link.Account Type 11 HitOnTech

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5. Then On the next Window,you will have to select Administrator and click on the Change Account type option.Account Type 12 HitOnTech

All cleared ! You are done .

So, this simple guide is all about changing Administrator on Windows 10 PC. I hope this steps really helped you! Please try to share it with your friends and family also. If there is any questions related to this, Don’t essitate to drop a comment blow.

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