Apple watch is a great wrist device. It allows user to easily get access to their paired iphone. A user can easily get access to making/receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, playing music, tracking your workouts, and lots more.

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Apple watch is having many actions and advantages you can do without touching your device. but one thing the apple watch lack is “youtube videos” playing not supporting. But there are some tweaks available, you can try to be able to watch youtube videos from your apple wrist watch. below i’ll give a detail guide to know how you can watch youtube videos on your apple wrist watch.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on your Apple wrist Watch

The not good story we have to heard is that, Apple watch doesn’t support playing of youtube videos from a link or url. But the only possible way you can watch Youtube Videos or any other video on your apple wrist watch is to embed the youtube video and send via a text message or imessage.

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below are guides to take note of:

  • Make sure that your Apple Watch is enabled to receive a notifications.
  • On your active paired iPhone, open the YouTube app and download the video you need to watch on Apple Watch.
  • Make sure you Embed the downloaded video in a text message or iMessage.
    Send the message to yourself from your iPhone. You can also ask others to download and send you the videos via SMS or iMessage.
  • When you get the notification received on Apple Watch, tap the video thumbnail to watch it. Use the side digital crown to adjust the video volume.
  • A tap on the screen pauses the video. Tapping the screen again allow the video to play.
  • Tap on done to close the video. Later, You can also watch the video from the Messages app any time.

This method depends on the speed of your internet connection, it maybe take long or short time to send messages. Have a patient when trying to take all steps.

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