MTN Nigeria introduces a new social bundle for their customers, here you’ll have a guide on how to subscribe for mtn tiktok social bundle. This social bundle called TikTok social Bundle. MTN TikTok Bundle allows their customers that subscribe to bundle to access the TikTok App. If you’re one that like watching memes video and comedy videos, then you should try to install TikTok in your smartphone. Because you’ll find thousands contents creators of what you like.

When you subscribe to MTN TikTok Bundle you’ll have access to all features in TikTok as long as you have the TikTok data in your MTN line. With TikTok you can create content for people to watch, downloading, sharing and chatting etc.

How do you see this bundle? Cheap or not?

To me this data bundle seems to be cheap, which I know that’s also what in your mind too.
That’s why you are here.

If you can see MTN is doing best to offer it’s customers a cheaper services. Also Brand finance present an award to MTN as most valuable telecom in africa. The award report read on their overall performance.

Here in this post contain all what you need to know about the MTN TikTok Bundle, headlines like “How to subscribe for MTN TikTok Bundle”, “Who are Eligible for this Bundle”, and “How to check the TikTok Data Bundle Balance”.

Below I’ll outlist and explain the above subheadings with ease. Try not to skip any part of this article for proper understanding.

Who is Eligible for MTN Tiktok bundle ?

What you’re required to be eligible for Tiktok bundle is, one you most be MTN network customer. Because you can’t be on other network and expecting this codes to work for you. and the second one is TikTok app most be installed on your phone and that is all, you can enjoy your TikTok social app.

MTN Tiktok Social Data Plans Available

The available plans right now are two packages, and this packages are daily and weekly plan.

1. The daily plan gives you a total of 200MB for N50 (50 Naira)

2. And the Weekly plan gives you a total of 2GB for N350.

Auto-renew can be choosen, your data rolled over when you’ve remaining or unused data balance.

How To Subscribe To The MTN Tiktok Social Bundle?

Subscribing to MTN TikTok social Bundle is easy, just dial the code *131*3*4# from your dial pad. and choose your preferred plan.

How Can I Check My MTN Tiktok Balance?

To check your MTN TikTok social bundle balance, simply dial the code *131*4#.
That is all.

This is where we comes the conclusion of this article on How to subscribe and check MTN TikTok social bundle. hope this article sort you out, you can share with others using the social button link below. they may find it useful too.

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