Here is a complete guide on how to connect Dream League Soccer (DLS) Multiplayer Mode for android. if you wish to know how you can play Dream League Soccer Multiplayer with your friends, here it comes a complete guide to play DLS Multiplayer with your friends.

As we all know multiplayer is one of feature that’s added to a game for likely the game to gain more plays and attentions.

Dream League Soccer is one of the best soccer game available for android and iOS devices, if you really like playing soccer games, then probably you should try and play Dream League Soccer also.

Dream League Soccer was first released in 2015, which the first released series of DLS was Dream League Soccer Classic Apk OBB Data Android Download. As of every year, First Touch Games (DLS Developer) release an update to DLS Series. Right Now the newest update is Dream League Soccer 2021 Apk Obb Download for android and next year we should expect the new version which will be Dream League Soccer 2022 and more.

As you may have it, there are many ways to set up multiplayer mode on Dream League soccer game, one can choose to use the settings of local wifi hotspot. And another, may choose to play the multiplayer mode with friends by connecting through Bluetooth.

Features of Dream League Soccer

  • Offline game
  • Great graphics with players real faces
  • Customizable stadiums and pitch
  • Customizable team
  • Easy controls
  • Good commentary
  • Multiplayer mode

Requirements for playing multiplayer mode On Dream League Soccer

  • Two or three phones are required for the connection. (I will explain how to connect with both two or three phones)
  • Make sure that you’re having a functioning WiFi and hotspot for all devices that’ll be use.

How To Setup DLS Multiplayer Mode On Your Device (Android And iOS)

Dream League Soccer is having three mode available (Online, Local, Friends Match Mode)

Online Mode: This require a data connection to play with other players far away from you.

Local Play (Offline Mode): This a local matches you can play with your close friends, Data connection is not required here. but only WiFi and Hotspot connection you will need.

Friends Match Mode: This is the most recent multiplayer mode added to Dream League Soccer. It’s similar to local match but you and your opponent need internet connection and a unique code to connect if you don’t want to use WIFI.

This one is perfect for gamers that are distantly separated but want to play against each others.

How To Play/Setup Dream League Soccer Multiplayer Mode on your device (Online Mode)

  • First Download Dream League Soccer
  • Open the game and tap on “Dream League Live“
  • Then tap on “Team management” to set your tactics, formation, assign set piece takers and also boost your players overall ratings.
  • After that, go back and tap on “Play Now“
  • Play your way through Tier 1. That’s All!

How To Play/Setup Dream League Soccer Multiplayer Mode on your device (Local Match)

  • Turn on WiFi in your phone and let your friend
  • open his phone hotspot to connect with yours.
    Make sure both phones are connected.
  • Then, in your phone, tap on “local multiplayer” and wait till it brings out a searching list.
  • Once it brings the list out, turn off it’s WiFi and on its hotspot and click create game.
  • Now make sure both phones are really connected.
  • Finally, in one phone, start game and let the other person start his or hers.

How To Play/Setup Dream League Soccer Multiplayer Mode on your device (Friends Match) New Added Method To Play with your friends

Here is how to setup Friends Match in Dream League Soccer. (This Mode is only available from latest Dls versions, starting from Dream League Soccer 2021 to update)

  • Open the DLS game
  • Tap on “More“

Dream league interface picsay HitOnTech

  • Select “Friends Match“

Dream league soccer multiplayer modes picsay HitOnTech

  • A pop up to “create or join a match” will come up
  • Enter a code (must be 3 to 31 characters length.

Friends match connection picsay HitOnTech

  • Now tell your opponent the number to enter in his or her own game to join the match.
  • Once they enter the exact code you entered, they will be connected and you guys can play the match.


  • First and foremost, turn on the wi-fi on both Android devices
  • Next, connect both android phones to the hotspot of the third device
  • Then launch any of the DLS games you downloaded in both phones you owned their wifi network
  • When the game opens, simply tap on Dream League Online in both devices
  • On your device screen, check at the bottom corner and tap on the Local Wi-Fi displayed there.
  • Finally, create connection using any of the two phones and then join using the other device.


Finally we have seen the three methods we can create a multiplayer connect with our friends both online and offline. if you find it difficult to connect your friends, do let us know problem you’re having so that we can give a solution.

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