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How to quickly Get Back the Old Context Menu On Windows 11

Asumming you are making using of the preview build of Windows 11, you must have noticed many changes. Windows 11 move along with a new beginning menu with a simplified right-click context menu.

Although the new simplified right-click context menu of Windows 11 looks better, users who might have just switched from Windows 10 may find it a bit difficult to make use of.

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Anyway the new right-click context menu on the Windows 11 permit us to hide a lots of options beneath the ‘open more options’ button. So, if maybe you are somebody who would have interest on how to make use of the classic Windows 10 right-click menu, then you must be on the right article .

In this article, we are going to share a step-by-step details on how to get the old context menu back in the Windows 11 operating system. Let’s list out.

steps to recover Old Context Menu On Windows 11

Important: Since the procedures requires Registry modification, please make sure you follow the steps carefully. you can also back up your important files if possible, before you follow the steps.

step 1:Firstly, you will have to click on Windows Key + R button right on your keyboard. This will then enable you to open the RUN dialog box.Context menu HitOnTech

step 2: On the RUN dialog box,you type in Regedit and click on the Enter button to proceed.

step 3: This process will enable the Registry Editor. Navigate to the path:

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step 4:Now, beneath the CLSID folder, you will have to right click on a blank space located on the right side and choose a New > Key. Then, you can now paste the copied context {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2} as the key name.Context menu 1 HitOnTechContext menu 2 HitOnTech

step 5: Now after you must have right click on the key that you have created earlier on and you can now select a New > Key. Then you will give the new key InprocServer32Context menu 4 HitOnTech

step 6: Now when you have finally Select the Inproc Server 32 folder. On the right pane,then you have to double click on the key (Default) and then you close it without initiating any changes by clicking on the Ok buttonContext menu 5 HitOnTech


Finally ! that is all. Now you will be able to close the Registry Editor and you reboot your PC. Then after you restart your PC,Now you will get to realize that the full right-click context menu on Windows 11.

So, this important steps is all about how get back old context menu in Windows 11.I hope you find this article helpful, please try to share with family and friends also.If you have any questions relating to this drop it on the comments box below.

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