Many internet users are familiar with Linux, which is an open-source operating system. These days, it’s also used to run large and small business networks.

If your Linux fails to auto-detect a new printer, the following guide will assist you in finding and manually connecting your printer so that you can get back to work.

Getting Started

Some printers may now be easily connected to a Linux computer. Printer manufacturers, on the other hand, may not always get it right when it comes to how their systems work with PCs. Those who receive it may find that their printers are automatically discovered without the need for user intervention.

If you’re using GNOME or KDE, this page may be useful if you’re having trouble connecting your printer to your Linux.

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Check Printer Drivers

It’s necessary to check if the Linux computer’s drivers have been updated. Before attempting to use a printer on a computer, this step must be completed.

Given that Linux is an open-source operating system, the best printer drivers are open-source. There are approximately 700 of these drivers available, and configuring them increases the chances of the printer being recognized automatically.

How to Find and Connect Undetected Printer on Linux

Know More About Printer Drivers

There are three different types of printer drivers. The first is open source or Linux-bundled Gutenprint drivers. It comes as a standalone package that may be installed. Another option is to use the printer manufacturer’s set of drivers. Aside from that, third-party companies have produced their own drivers.

If you run a Linux operating system, open source drivers are your best option, but you can also try any of these other options. They will join automatically, but this is not always the case. It’s possible that you’ll have to manually connect them.

Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)

This is the program that allows your printer to interact with your Linux operating system. It has been the basis for printing on Linux until now, and there is a customized interface for CUPS. It’s likely that once your computer and printer are connected through USB, the connection will be automated.

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Add Printer Manually on Linux

How to Find and Connect Undetected Printer on Linux

You must first connect the computer and printer, then turn them both on. Then, go to the Activities screen. Then go to the Printers application and open it.

You’ll see your printer if it’s already connected. Simply start printing your documents in that instance.

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If your printer isn’t displayed, go to the Printers application. The Unlock button is located in the top right corner of that application’s page. Select it by clicking on it. You’ll be asked to enter your administrative password. When you type it in, the button will change to Add. Select Add from the drop-down menu.

How to Find and Connect Undetected Printer on Linux

You’ll see that your computer is looking for the printers that are connected to it. If you have other printers on the network, you may simply connect them by adding their IP addresses. It’s possible that you’ll be able to see a list of these printers. Your printer will not work if you connect to one that is not fully connected.


People have bought printers and returned them to sellers since they don’t work in some circumstances. Using the instructions above, you can manually connect almost any printer to a Linux computer.

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