More Customers in africa are set to enjoy the new flutterwaves integration with PayPal, customers are to receive seemlesse way of receiving their payments through flutterwave. Flutterwave and PayPal integrate them selfs to make you & i finding an easier way to enjoy our online transactions. A new payment option is added “pay with PayPal”. In this post i will do best to break down everything to you so that you can know how to use the service, as a registered business or even non registered business.

So let’s see how we can enable “pay with PayPal” on flutterwave

Is this what in your mind? “Is It Possible To Use Pay With PayPal As An Individual”?

If yes then, “Pay with PayPal” is a service that is only available for existing and newly registered business. you have nothing to worry about, if you find your business as not registered you don’t worry your self about that. because flutterwave confirmed it self that, freelancers, event owners and NGOs will soon start to enjoy and able to use this service.

What Should I Register?

If you are a merchant then, this is for you. Registration with flutterwave is quite easy and straight forward. You are just required to visit the flutterwave Website. After that locate the sign up button and click on that, fill up required information like email, name, password. you will then be aske to choose what service you are to be offered.

As freelancer, seller or user with unregistered business, the requirement for signing up including your business name, account number, BVN, means of identity and address. As of the listed details this will provide them to know who you are very well and to build trust between you and them. The details are the same provided with registered business and in registered. additional information you may be asked are Tax identification Number (TIN), your company number and Website.

Merchants are need to provide more of documents like certificate of incorporation and memorabdum. This shows the customer how much stake they own in the business and to build trust between business owners and customers.

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How Much Does It Cost (Fee) To Use “Pay With Paypal?”

Transaction fees are charged when making transaction with flutterwave. flutterwave charge a transaction fee of 1.4% for a local transaction and 3.8% for an international transaction. For pay with PayPal, 4.4% is expected to transaction fee and 0.30$

How To Enable “Pay With PayPal” ?

1. Tap on “Account Settings” when you are at the dashboard, and active payment options shows on your dashboard.

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2. On that the same page, swipe down to “what methods of payment do you want” and then click and select “Enable PayPal” option.

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How Long a Payment Take To Receive?

Payment process time is depend on location transaction made, local or international. But transaction normally takes between 1day to 7days as when the transaction was made.

That is all what you’ve to know for you to enable “pay with PayPal” on your flutterwave account. Start making transaction now.

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