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How to easily Use ClearType Text Tuner On Windows 10

use clear type text tuner on Windows 10.

A couple of days ago, when we talked about how you can easily calibrate the monitor color in Windows 10.So today, we are going to be discussing on ways to easily make the text on your screen very easier to read on Windows 10.

The Windows 10 operating system includes a lot of built-in text tuner utility which is known as Cleartype. If you are not aware, ClearType is also a font-smoothing technology that can easily makes the text or write ups more readable and give it more clear on LCD and LED Screen.

If maybe you are making using of the Windows operating system, and you discover the text looks blurry, you can easily utilize or make use of the ClearType utility to fix or arrange the text issues. Yes, actually the display resolution plays a very good role in improving or developing the text readability, and more understandable but ClearType can actually make it seems more readable.

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Simple Steps to make of Use ClearType Text Tuner on Windows 10

The technology today make uses multiple of color shading on a text to make it appears or look more readable compared to the regular text we know today.

So, in this particular article, we are going to share a detailed simple instructions on how to easily use a ClearType text tuner to arrange or fix blurry text on Windows 10. Let’s look out

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Step 1:Firstly,you will have to open the Windows Search and then type in ClearType.

Step 2:Now, after that you open the Adjust ClearType text you saw from the list of options there.Adjust ClearType text 1 HitOnTech

Step 3:Now On the ClearType Text tuner, you will enable the option and Turn on ClearType. immediately that is done, then you can now easily click on the Next button to proceed.Adjust ClearType text 2 HitOnTech

  1. Step 4:Then now on the native resolution screen,you will click on the Next button to proceed .Adjust ClearType text 3 HitOnTech

Step 5:So now, the ClearType text tuner will display to you a little text prototype or samples.Then you have to choose or select the sample that display best to your tastes.Then you just select the samples and press he Next button to proceed.Adjust ClearType text HitOnTech

Step 6:Now on the final screen, there the utility will now display showing you that you’ve finished or done tuning or changing the text on your computer. Then click on the Finish button to initiate the changes you initially made.Adjust ClearType text 5 HitOnTech

That’s it! You are finally done. This is exactly how you can easily fix blurry text on Windows 10 operating system.

So, as you can all see that this article is totally about the procedures to use the ClearType Text tuner on Windows 10 in other to easily make the text or write ups more readable for better understanding.I really hope this particular article helped you! Please make sure you share it with your friends also. In case you have any doubts concerning to this, please don’t hesitate to let us know right in the comment box below.

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