Customers of Bank of America can now deposit checks online instead of going to the bank. They must first download the mobile app from the App Store and register it.

This makes it simple to add money to your account with any device that has a camera. When you hit your monthly deposit limit, the mobile app alerts you.

Please note that check deposits made before the end of the business day’s cut-off hour are normally available the next business day. Time zones-based cut-off times. It’s possible that funds won’t be available right away. Especially if it’s a new account.

Personal check deposits from a new account, on the other hand, are normally available by the fifth business day after deposit, with the first $225 of the deposited funds available the following business day. However, the first $5,525 of each day’s deposits are available before the second business day for certified or cashier’s checks, teller, travelers, or government checks. On the fifth business day after the deposit, the remaining funds become available.

There is no charge for using Bank of America’s mobile deposit service. Only that Your wireless or data provider, on the other hand, may apply messaging or data charges.

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The following are some of the reasons why a mobile deposit check could be rejected

Here are the factors that may result in check rejection or delay:

  • When there is a duplicate deposit: You will not be able to deposit a check if you have already done so.
  • Check payee indicated: Before attempting to deposit a check, double-check that all relevant information has been written down, such as the payee, check amount, and payer’s signature.
  • Make sure that Amount is matched: Before you take a picture of the check, double-check that you’ve entered the correct deposit amount into the app.
  • Add a signature sign: On the back of the check, make sure your signature is endorsed. On the back of the check, write your account number and “For Mobile Deposit Only” under your signature.
  • Make sure images are clear not blurry: Make sure both sides of the check are clearly visible. If the images of your check aren’t clear, it could cause a delay in the check being deposited.
  • If the check is signed by two people, you must include both of their signatures to properly endorse the check. So make sure both signatures are included.

How to use the Bank of America Mobile Banking app to deposit checks

Step 1: Open the app, sign in with your fingerprint, and then choose Deposit Checks.

Step 2: Make a note on the check’s back that it is “for deposit only at Bank of America.”

Step 3: Select the “Front of Check” and “Back of Check” buttons in the app to Capture the front and back of the check with your smart device.

Step 3: Choose the account where you’ll deposit the check.

Step 4: Choose the account where you’ll deposit the check.

Step 5: Enter the deposit amount.

Step 6: Confirm the details of the deposit.

Step 7: Tap Submit after you’ve double-checked the details.

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The benefits and features of the Bank of America Mobile App

In addition to check deposit, one of the best features of the bank of america mobile app is the option to charge your account while at home or on the go. The service runs smoothly, quickly, and securely.

1. Verify your account information and set up alerts to notify you through email, text, or push notification if something changes. Check out the latest discounts and coupons deal.

2. Using Pay & Transfer, customers may pay bills or plan payments from anywhere they have an internet connection. Transfer money between your accounts quickly and securely.

3. It is possible to set a budget and keep track of it. Decide on a spending plan and keep track of it in your accounts so you know exactly where your money is going.

The deposit limits of the Bank of America mobile app

The Bank of America mobile check deposit limit is $10,000 per month for accounts that have been open for at least three months. The monthly deposit limit is $2,500 for accounts that have been open for less than three months.

Members of Bank of America Preferred Rewards who have been members for less than three months, on the other hand, are limited to $25,000 each month. The monthly maximum is $50,000 for accounts that have been active for three months or longer.

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