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How to Customize ‘Send To’ Menu in Windows 10

If you have been making using of the Windows operating system for a while now, you may have an idea about the ‘Send To’ Menu. The option displays on the right-click menu on Windows .clicking the Send to option from the context menu will display so many options,which will help you customize send to menu on Windows 10 .

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You can also make use of the Send to option to either copy or print an individual file to a particular location, application , device, or any other items. This is such a good feature that is displayed only on Windows operating system.

Methods to follow while Customizing the ‘Send To’ Menu in Windows 10

This particular write ups will share an important step-by-step guide on tweaking or to customize the Send to menu on Windows 10 to satisfy your needs. The process will be very simple; make use of some of the easy steps shared below.

Step 1: At first you open the Windows 10 search menu and search for RUN. After that then you click Open on the Run Dialog box from the list.Send To Menu 1 HitOnTech

STEP 2: Now On the Run dialog box, you type in shell: Send to and you now have to click on the Enter button to proceed.Send To Menu 2 HitOnTech

Step 3: This will directly open the Send To folder found on the system installation drive.Send To Menu 3 HitOnTechStep 4: You will get to find many options there. All of those options found on the Send To menu.

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Step 5: If you like or wish to erase some items you don’t make use of, erase or delete them from this folder. For instance , if you don’t want Documents to display on the Send To menu, all you need to do is delete it from this folder.Send To Menu 4 HitOnTechStep 6: You can also input an applications to this folder. For instance, you actually want to add Notepad to the Send to menu,you have to create a Notepad shortcut icon on the desktop and move it directly to the Send To folder.

Step 7: Also you will find a new entry know as Notepad on the Send To menu.Send To Menu 5 HitOnTech

Closely , you can also add as many applications or items as you like.Simple! You are good to go. This is exactly how you can customize the Send to menu in Windows operating system.

So, this important guide is strictly on how to customize the Send to menu in Windows operating system. I hope this article was helpful to you! if so then Please try share it with your friends also. If there is any questions related to this, don’t essitate to let us know in the comment box below.

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