We’re going to look at some of the new customization options for Google Forms “how to customize google forms”. Let’s begin by creating a blank quiz. You can rename it whatever you want, just like before.

How to Customize Google Forms

Let’s say each quiz question is worth 10 points. This is where the new modifications come into play. We can now choose our header image by clicking on Customize a Theme. And it’s something you’ve done before.

Upload a Photo

If you’d like, you can upload your photos. You can also use any of the default preset of your choices. As a result, I’m going to upload one. I’ll post it up here from my pc. Let’s say I want to use this snapshot of a day on the water that I have. I can also crop it like so. Google will now apply a theme color to your page automatically. However, if I don’t like what they’ve done, I can change the color. I can even use more customizing options, such as this one.

Can I turn a Google Form into a quiz HitOnTech

Color Options

Let’s include that. As a result, we’ve modified the color of the theme. We’ve also changed the color of our background. There will be a variety of options there. Finally, we have the option to modify the font style.

Font Styling

The options for font styles are still limited, but we can utilize playful, formal, decorative, or necessary styles. Let’s take law as an example. And that’s all there is to it. That’s how you may change the appearance of your Google Forms.

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