Today we’re going to see how to activate “one-hand mode”. This feature help us to get control of our phone using one hand. As this option feature may not be new to some users but it will be for some users. Because there are phones that already include this feature to their devices. As for now the “one-handed mode will be added to Android 12. And this post contain how to activate it on your phone.

This new added feature really helps because how Smartphones are getting bigger and with larger screen is getting hard control our phone using one hand.

Noted that this feature will be available to Android phones running on Android 12. This feature is important for you to try, if you are that person having phone with big screen and is hard for your to control your apps and touching some angles of your phone.

I will provide you with steps (guide ways) to toggle “one-hand mode” on your Android phone. As this feature is already available for some phones like samsung, oneplus and others. Mean that “one-hand mode” is now added to Android 12 now, any device that is running on Android 12 now will get that feature added even as before they can’t find it on their phone.

How to activate one-handed mode on Android 12

Android 12 is the next update coming to Android phones. Already some features coming to android 12 are revealed, which android 12 is now currently in mode of testing phase. And “one-hand mode” is one of the best feature added to Android 12.

This feature “one-hand mode” is marked to be clean and simple. As for now not every phone “one-hand mode” is available on but only Pixel phones with android 12 developer preview get that feature. But soon everyone will be able to enjoy the “one-hand mode” on his phone.

Below are steps you can follow to toggle the “one-hand mode” on Android 12:

  • Locate and open your phone settings.
  • Now go To System > then click Gesture
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  • You will find available Gestures options listed, Click on “One-hand mode”
    And active it.
  • Now try to configure the “Timeout” option.
    You will find a timeout option of 4 to 12 seconds.
  • Although you can also choose ‘Never’ so that to leave the “one-hand mode” active all the time.

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