Hackers claim to have gained access to Electronic Arts’ (EA) network and stolen around 750 GB of data, including game source code and debug tools.

In a statement, EA stated that the data breach “was not a ransomware attack,” that “a limited quantity of code and related tools were stolen,” and that “we do not expect any harm to our games or our business.”

We walk to reach the threat actor selling EA’s data, who claims to have stolen the entire FIFA source, EA game clients, and in-game currency points.

When asked how they acquired access to EA’s network, they don’t provide any details.

Stolen EA data worth $28 million

According to the attackers board, the attackers claim to have access to all of EA’s services, informing clients to pay $28 million for the stolen data that they will also get “full control of exploiting on all ea services.”

The hackers claim to have stolen a large amount of data from EA’s network, including:

  • FrostBite game engine source code and debug tools
  • FIFA 21 matchmaking server code
  • FIFA 22 API keys and SDK & debug tools
  • debug tools, SDK, and API keys
  • proprietary EA games frameworks
  • XBOX and SONY private SDK & API key
  • XB PS and EA pfx and crt with key

They also showed photos of directory listings and source code to prove that the stolen data is genuine.

Hackers Break Into "Electronic Art" System And Stole Game Source Code And Data Worth $28 Million

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