CTR (click-through rate) is very important in the digital marketing world of the Internet, and it is important not only to advertisers but also to publishers. An advertiser creates an ad and begins a campaign to promote his business. Publishers then place those advertisements in a way. They want high CTR but in a way they will keep themselves in a safe zone.

Your CTR will help decide your ad rank and costs per click on most PPC platforms, including Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) and Bing Ads. The higher your CTR in Google Ads, the better your ad is serving and the lower your costs.

Click-through-rate is one of the major factors in the Google Quality Score formula, the percentage of total ad views that create a click. Google uses the Quality Score to determine your ad placement and cost of your ads per click (CPC).

In Google Adsense, what is CTR?

CTR is the ratio between impressions and clicks. The impression is the total cumulative number of times an ad is being displayed on your website and click is the count when a visitor clicks the ad. Just that means, how often a visitor clicks is shown the amount of times your ad or search results are. In general, the click-through rate is divided by the number of times that the ad unit has been seen.

Click Through Rate (CTR) Calculating Formula

  • CTR = No. of ad clicks / No. of ad shown
  • CTR% = No. of clicks * 100 / No. of ad shown

So, for example, 100 visitors viewed your website and definately ads. Your CTR will be 5 percent, if 5 of them click on the ad. As AdSense pays based on the amount of ad clicks and impressions, so the higher the CTR is, the better earnings your site can generate.

What’s a good, safe Adsense CTR?

You now have to ask what a good and safe CTR. In actual fact, it can be between 0.5% to 10%. It depends on how long you optimize the website for more clicks and the niche of the site. The average CTR is approximately 10%.

in any of cases, publishers should know that having a large number of Adsense clicks does not necessarily guarantee good revenues. Many other considerations have to be carefully considered. Since you need to focus on the ads that will give you more PPC.
Sometimes a single click may earn you more than 100 clicks, just thing you have to do is to target the best audience. most time targeting audience from tier 1, 2 & 3 gives you more earning to your adsense.

Since the adsense policy is against the exposing of statistics on your account and of course, the CTR.

However, CTR is between 0.50 and 3 percent for most bloggers. This range is better for earning and for safeguarding the blogger. In comparison, too much higher CTR will place certain risks on your Adsense account.

Why is CTR difficult to compare?

Can you compare your CTR with other bloggers? the answer is no, No online tool is available to do this unless you know the blogger personally. In terms of CTR, you can’t really compare your adsense CTR with other bloggers.

It’s hard because each website/blog is unbelievably different.

Why does that happen? Since, depending on a variety of clicks, the number of people visiting the ad varies also. Few important factors that play a major role in determining the rate of your click are outlined:

1. CTR varies between different Niche

Surprisingly, for websites, CTR is different for all sites. The main reason for this is the blog’s topic.

many of publishers say, the click through rate for product related topics tends to be higher than other websites. When people are to buy a product. Users would more likely click on ad when they see an ad related to the product.

2. CTR can vary time to time

CTR, as well as CPC, can, in fact, vary seasonally as mentioned by Google Adsense on its support page. There are many blogs claim having a high CTR during not working days (weekend). And some have low CTR.

3. Relevant Ads

For instance, You have a digital marketing blog. What ads do you think are more likely to be clicked on – e-commerce or digital marketing ads? surely, visitors will be more interested in digital marketing and they will be more likely to click on ads that are relevant to it. The more the ad is relevant for with yor blog’s niche, the more likely it is to be clicked.

Google Adsense easily differentiate the topics/niches of all ads they serve to their publisher. Google AdSense have ads for almost all niches and verticals. Few bloggers also contact Google on irrelevant ads, and the issue has been fixed by Google.

4. CTR varies according to the profile of your visitor

Websites and blogs with higher loyal users have less CTR than those with high traffic from search engine. That is why it is important to make your ads positioning and website design to be clean in order to maintain a higher CTR for your readers to become aware of website design and ad placement.

Visitors from the Search Engine often search for specific information and may click on ads on your site or blog.

5. What’s the unit for ads?

The CTR can also be affected by Blog/Website design and layout. Publishers should not force users to click ad or placing animated graphics in a colored box, as this may contribute to their accounts being banned.

One important technique that does not violate the AdSense policy is to use your ads in areas that match perfect for you. According to reports, ads performs much better with clear, white background and white space. To see what works on them, publishers can test various designs.

6. Advertisement placement/positioning

Another significant aspect that affects CTR is blog design and ad position. An ad at the bottom of the page, for instance, may decrease viewability, and this will be resulting in low CTR. Placing the ads where to be seen and easily clicked. The same applies to the ad colors.

Follow the following ad position points:-

  • Set ads over the fold
  • merge content with the ad
  • wider Ads are more relevant than longer ads
  • Using a contrast or similar theme of colour

Why does CTR matter so much?

The most key factor of the quality score is click through rate (CTR). Google looks at CTR to get users’ feedback regarding ads.

Ads with higher CTR mean that most users find them relevant and helpful for what they are looking for. Google considered the relevance of a keyword for an ad. Likewise, Google uses CTR to understand the relevance of the website advertisements.

Google considered low CTR blogs as performance poor. Sites with very high CTR, on the other hand, are suspected of operating under Google policy and may be at higher risk.

How can CTR be enhanced

CTR is clearly best able to assist increase revenue. Therefore, CTR should be increased. Below you can find some tricks to achieve the desired results.

1. Quality Contents

This is the key way that CTR can be improved. Give more visitors great content, contribute more clicks and revenue. The creation of impressive blog content is more positive than the creation of various useless websites. High quality content not only improves CTR, it also allows you to take advantage of the SEO premium. In addition, it will allow Google to display unique ads on your blog that are more likely to be clicked on your blog.

2. Placement of ad

You should test your blog with various ad positions. CTR and your earnings may also be negatively affected by random ads. Find the best for your blog by checking various types, colors and ad sizes.

In addition, you also should keep adjusting the placement and positioning of the ad. Ads placed in the same position can be ignored by the loyal visitors. It’s called the blindness of the flag. The only way to fix this issue is to periodically change ad positions.

You should also keep an eye on Google AdSense suggestions.

3. Modifying Of Ads look

Try changing ad colours, as visitors get used to them, to lighter than normal AdSense colours. Changing colors to shades also lets the ads stand out and catches the visitor in the blog. Often, increase the font of your ads so that users see it immediately. It will highlight ad and will be clicked on more likely.

4. Suitable of Keywords

In improving traffic through search engines, keywords play an important role. Since search engine visitors are the source of CTR increasing, then use right keywords.

5. Remove Ads not being clicked by visitors

Keep all ads click stats and remove ads that is not being clicked long. Decode your blog. Decode your blog. After this, you can see that unnecessary crappy posts no longer waste clicks.


Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a links to the total number of people who visit a page concurrently with ads.

your earning from Adsense determined by a variety of factors, such as the number of visitors to your blog, how much money advertisers pay in your specific niche, and the percentage of visitors who click on the ad. Clearly, the more ads pay you for, the more users you attract, the more they click on your ads, the more money you make.

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