You should know that every Google account Comes with 15 GB of free storage if you use the Google services for a while. This 15GB is distributed to different Google resources, including Google Mail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Google recently revealed a policy changes that they will limited unlimited storage offer they provide to every Google account through Photos App.

As of 1 June 2021, the 15 GB of free storage available on every Google Account will be compiled of new pictures and videos uploaded to Google Photos. This process therefore forces users to effectively manage the storage of their Google Account.

The easiest way to start managing the storage space of the Google Account is to free Gmail space. find the most used storage in your Gmail account which allows you to search and delete the emails in quick steps. So before paying for further more storage, we suggest that you attempt this. Google helps users to search and locate emails in a few simple steps for the most used space in their Gmail account.


Steps to Clear Up Storage Space in Gmail (Quick Tips)

Here i will give you a detailed guide to find and delete files use up (Big Files) your Gmail Storage Space. Let’s have a look on detailed steps I provide below.

Step 1. Firstly, log in to your Gmail account using a web browser.

Step 2. Now you have to search the size of a particular size file attached with: keyword. If you’re looking for more than 5MB in size for example, type in the search box like “size: 5MB” and click the enter button to start searching for what you are looking for and boom you will find the size files with that particular searched sized you are looking for.

Step 3. More over, if you think your Gmail contain Mails of over 5Mb in size, try the search string with what you wanted to check e.g – size:10MB, this time around all search mails will be with that size and above.

Step 4. After Getting your searched results, you can still modify the search strings to your own choice.

Step 5. Now select from the checkbox, the emails you would like to delete and press ‘Delete command.’

Step 6. After the e-mails have been deleted, move into the ‘Trash’ folder and delete them permanently to free up space.


You’re done. When you first use this method, it is very likely that you will find many unnecessary, old emails that wasted your storage space. And sure that you remove the mails you don’t need anymore.

This article is all about how to free up your Gmail Storage Space. I hope you find this post helpful… please don’t forget to tell your friends about it. the best thumb up to give us is to share content. Please inform us in the comment box below if you find any doubt about what we posted.

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