Having a website is a positive start towards owning an online company or a business, but sad to say, it is just a beginning stage towards massive success.

Having a brand website is great advantage to make your business a “digital storefront” and to retain them a “must have” for you. The website offers you with access to virtual audiences who are willing to shop what you are selling.

Nearly 4.5 billion users now browse the internet, and much of this virtual traffic can be your customers or clients. The biggest challenge now is to get them to “See” and engage in your brand.

The idea of a website today is not the challenge, for most businesses they already have one. The concerned issue is how traffic will be drived to your destination. Assume you yourself aren’t a seasoned digital marketer. Under that situation, you would have struggled hard to make people know your brand in millions of brands online today.

You believe it’s “so difficult?” The reason is not far-fetched; we face a lot of information and disinformation in online space. This has been created by experts who are unbelievably talented to get the attention of people.

Now you see a lot of experts hawking “the newest proven traffic” to get your money and not get you the desirable and needed results.
The problem now is “How can I make people recognize me in this overcrowded world of digital marketing?”

Online awareness is becoming more challenging, and because of the numerous distractions that contend for public attention, it is a monumental work. You should use some time tested and trusted to solve this “noise” for a good result.

That’s NOT an issue of “new hacks,” “tricks,” or “secrets”; no. In order to build authority and encourage traffic over time, this is about applying trustworthy strategies, by using prominent way of the leading Internet marketers with the biggest businesses in the world.

Let’s get some things right first; however, you don’t have authority as a novice yet, and hence you don’t yet have trust in Google. You need time, and it does not happen “overnight,” to obtain this trust, which is needed from Google and other search engines.

Yet you are sure to achieve success if you apply any of these techniques. What you need is a simple understanding of how the service operates and how these techniques can be applied to your business. We’re talking about the optimization of search engines, social media marketing, email marketing,…

You need to get some stuff right first despite to start getting great traffic. Otherwise your traffic and lead efforts will be practically worthless, as either you will:

  • Get leads that don’t care for what you sell.
  • Losing these leads before taking the desired move, for example, purchase from you.

Reasons That You Must Have A Website For Your Business Brand

  • It allows you to build reputation and authority as a big and profitable organization.
  • It makes it easier for your target audience to market your brand.
  • A website is a way of connecting and informing your brand message to your audience.
  • You can use a website to promote and deliver customer service to your customers through your online presence.
  • With a website, your sales would be effective and cost-effective in maximizing your earnings.
  • Over everything, a website will act as a touchpoint for the business and many of your customers. It allow You to reach more people with an active effect.

Starting With Social Media For Business

In this new digital age, the use of social media to push traffic is an effective strategy. There are over 3.4 billion active monthly users of Social Media, and this is the main traffic driver for several major eCommerce brands.

Social networking can helps make faster than any conventional methods of traffic generating. And you may also reach those who are clearly interested in your business.

Here, the key issue will be “conversation,” “increase your social media post visibility,” “engage the audience,” “generate digital engagement.”

Understanding the Sources of Website Traffic

Traffic to a website can be generated from this two sources:

Organic sources:

it is typically free of charge and the search results are unpaid or organic.

this is the opposite of organic sources and applies to visitors generated through paid advertisements.

You need to be well organized and to present the deal professionally from the start in order to use both of these strategies.

As a newbie in the world of social media traffic development, you can wrongly think that “famous giants” like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are the only choices.

Although they are fantastic options and required for any business, you should know about other options like:

  • Pinterest (sharing of content, like images and infographics)
  • Reddit (to show your expertise in a niche with your audience)
  • Tumblr (supporting your main site using multimedia files)
  • Google+ (To improve SEO by Google site content sharing)

You have to look for and consider the media they spend much of their time on, and pick what media to use and rely on from the range of workable options. Most of the platform for your target audience is most involved in giving you an insight in which you can invest and gain the most of it.

Strategies To Maximize Your Website Traffic Using Social Media (Both ORGANIC SOURCING STRATEGIES & PAID MEDIA BUYING STRATEGIES

Create a Facebook Page dedicated to your business

Facebook is also one of the best sources of digital space traffic (both organic and paid). Therefore, a strong presence on Facebook as a business page is an elementary activity of the generation of traffic.
Create one and share your blog posts and also remember to customize the web page by adding call-to-actions to the web page.

For a page directly linked to the website, traffic on the site will rise by up to 245% a year. You should be lively and interested with the posts you shared on the Facebook page.

Participate in Groups

Join groups related to your niche and are also likely to have a high number of the target audience. There are various sites where people with the same interests met and showed concern about the kind of goods you are offering. These platforms can serve as a good source of traffic for your website. They can be found on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube or Linkedin.

Use Instagram to drive Traffic

Instagram is one of the strongest platforms for a huge presence of the social media, guaranteeing revenue when appropriately employed.

You will take at least 10x higher engagement than most social media platforms by using hashtags personalized by your brand. That’s why you should use it in your marketing plan for social media.

Purchase Facebook Ads

posting organic won’t offer you many results on Facebook. In Facebook’s algorithm, posts created by running ads are aggressively prioritized over those created by just organic posts.
The majority of your target audience will not see any of the updates you write. That’s why your advertisements are so helpful. Facebook advertisements must be run. This ad should be tested to ensure the business is profitable and successful.

Run Google Ads

Google ads is an extremely quick and efficient way to improve the traffic on a site by searching search engines purposely.
Google re-focus is also a perfect way to NOT just traffic, but it also helps you to focus your efforts on users who previously visited your site, but left without taking the requested action for various reasons. You may particularly opt to sell them to convert them.

Other paid social media platforms you can run an ad that promise traffic results includes:

  • Twitter ads
  • Instagram ads
  • YouTube ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Reddit ads etc.

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