​Introduced as a hidden feature of Google Chrome in 2019, the T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code sharing has caught the attention of many. However, until two years later, a new feature was suddenly added to Chrome version 84 in the form of a hidden feature on both Android and Desktop platforms. With Chrome 88, the new T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code sharing is beginning to be widely deployed by Google to millions of users around the world.


From Chrome 84 on Android, the T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code sharing feature is hidden in Chrome’s new Sharing hub feature. If you want to experience sharing a T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code, readers will have to visit chrome: // flags and turn on both of these hidden features. Then restart Chrome twice, go to any page and share. The Sharing hub will open up with lots of different options including a T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code option.

  • chrome: // flags / # sharing-hub
  • chrome: // flags / # share-qr-code

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T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code sharing is also available for Chrome 84 on Windows, macOS, and Chromebook. However, with Chrome 88 recently introduced, the QR code generation interface is added to the Chrome menu after the user activates the feature. If the QR code isn’t already available on your Chrome menu, you must enable this hidden feature inchrome: // flags / # sharing-qr-code -vator.

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Once enabled, there will be a Generate QR code for this page option in Chrome’s menu bar, click it to share any website you want as a T-rex dinosaur-themed QR code. . The code will be generated for scanning by any nearby smartphone, but you can also download the image for sending via other means. In addition, the QR code is also editable, so you can enter or paste another address and the code will change on the spot to match it.

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With the new feature rolling out, it may only be a matter of time until QR codes are available in all Chrome browsers. If you want to speed up the process just manually enable chrome: // flags and restart Chrome and you don’t need to do anything else to enable it. Just make sure you are using a recent version of Chrome and follow the instructions above.

Source: Android police

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