Do you want to switch from Google Chrome to other chromium based browsers without losing your extensions and browsing history? Here are the top Chromium-based browser.

Google Chrome may have some useful features and a large number of extensions, it is not without faults.

Chrome not only raises privacy concerns, but it also uses a lot of system resources, resulting in slow browsing and a low laptop battery.

What if you could switch to a more secure, lightweight browser while keeping Chrome’s technology?

Chrome is powered by Chromium, an open-source browser project. Many developers have worked on Chromium to offer unique privacy, multimedia, and security features.

Here are some of the top Chromium browsers that provide a refreshing surfing experience if you wish to upgrade from Google Chrome.

Best Chromium based Browsers

1. Vivaldi Browser

Former Opera CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, who was dissatisfied with the company’s direction, created Vivaldi.

It brings back some of Opera’s discontinued functions, such as grades and ratings, which provide real-world benefits to students, to mention one demographic.

The color scheme of Vivaldi’s user interface varies depending on the current website.

It allows you to change themes, customize tabs, and access some of the most advanced customization features available in any browser.

Because Vivaldi is built on Chromium, you can get extensions through the Chrome Web Store.

Vivaldi also allows you to record web pages and browse faster by using mouse movements. Plus, any Chrome user will appreciate the maps hibernation feature, which allows you to save unwanted maps for later use.

Download: Vivaldi for macOS, Windows, Linux | Android (free)

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2. Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source web browser created by the Mozilla Project’s co-founders. Its objective, unlike Chrome, is to disable website monitoring and remove annoying advertisements, making browsing much safer.

But, hold on a second, don’t advertisements help publishers pay their bills? Although adblocking is wrong, Brave has found a solution to satisfy both users and publishers.

The Brave Rewards program encourages you to return to your favorite websites. Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which may be earned by browsing the web and watching Courageous Ads, are used to reward bravery.

Locks keeps track of the websites you visit the most and pays them with tokens from your virtual wallet each month.

Download: Brave for macOS, Windows, or Linux (Free)

3. Opera

Opera has been around for a long time and has developed a number of popular browser features. In 2013, Opera made the decision to replace its proprietary Presto engine in favor of Blink, a Chromium-developed browser engine.

Opera includes a useful and free VPN service. Not to mention a built-in ad blocker that helps speed up your surfing experience while also preserving your privacy.

Opera also gives fast access to messaging and social networking. Right from the Opera sidebar, you can use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte, and Instagram.

This means you won’t have to look at your phone when surfing the web. Consider installing these Chrome extensions to give Opera even more unique features.

Download: Opera for Mac, Windows, and Linux | Android (Free)

4. Opera Neon

Opera launched an experimental new web browser based on Blink in 2017. It’s amazing to discover the future web browser’s appearance.

When you first start it, you are presented with a background that fits in perfectly with your desktop background, indicating that it is modern.

Instead of the traditional rectangular strip of cards, cards are represented by vertically placed circles.

It has some amazing usage features in addition to the visual modifications. It contains a built-in screenshot tool and a split-screen option.

Multimedia-related functions are likewise emphasized in Opera Neon. You can watch videos or listen to music while browsing thanks to the built-in music and video player.

Because Neon is still a concept web browser, Opera didn’t add extension support on purpose.

Download: Opera Neon for macOS or Windows (Free)

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, which was originally based on Microsoft’s search engine, has been redesigned as the Chromium 2019 browser.

It is a clear competitor to Google Chrome due to its quick response times and clean appearance.

Edge does not completely restrict online searchers, but it does give you greater control over how you collect data. It also has a Microsoft Defender smart display that notifies you to any possible risks and allows for private browsing.

Consider using the Edge to read the news online; its immersive reader function eliminates any screen interruption, making the content easy to read.

Download: Microsoft Edge for macOS, Windows, Linux | Android | iOS (free)

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6. Opera GX

Opera GX is the most recent version of the Opera browser. Opera GX, unlike the ordinary Opera browser and Opera Neon, is built specifically for gamers.

You’ll find links to your favorite chat apps, as well as Twitch, in the sidebar. Best of all, the pop-up video feature allows you to simultaneously view YouTube or Twitch videos in the corner of your screen.

Opera GX’s communication with your computer is its distinguishing characteristic. To improve your computer’s speed, are using the Network limiter, RAM limiter, and CPU limiter, and be careful not to let your browser slow it down.

Download: Opera GX for Windows (Free)

7. Comodo Dragon Browser

Comodo Dragon, like SRWare Iron, disables features in Chrome that threaten privacy. Google address bar suggestions, bug tracking, and user tracking should all be disabled.

Google Safe Browsing, Google Translate, and the integrated PDF viewer are also available.

Comodo Dragon also allows users to set up their PCs to use Comodo’s DNS servers, which perform additional security checks on websites.

High-level security features and Comodo Secure DNS are two of its highlights.

Download: Comodo Dragon for Windows (Free)

8. SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is another Chromium-based browser that promises to remove Google Chrome’s privacy-invading features.

To accomplish this, a different approach is required: instead of adding new features, it is necessary to eliminate privacy-related functionality from Chrome.

Iron disables Google’s error pages, Google Updater, advanced DNS search, and address bar suggestions, among other things.

Download: SRWare Iron for macOS, Windows, Linux | Android (Free)

9. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic is a privacy-focused Chrome browser that is simple and lightweight. To begin your search, you don’t even need to enable private browsing mode – Epic still uses it.

Epic also clears cookies, browser history, and logout cache on a regular basis. Other private information provided to Google is also disabled, such as address bar suggestions and URL tracking.

Download: Epic Privacy Browser for macOS and Windows (Free)

10. Torch Browser

Multimedia features are extremely important to Torch Browser. The built-in Media Grabber allows you to record audio and video files from the web, while Torch Player allows you to watch videos while they are being downloaded.

Torch also comes with a built-in torrent client, which makes managing torrents from the browser a simple.

Download: Torch Browser for Windows (Free)


So, what are your thoughts? Instead of using Google Chrome, consider one of these Chromium-based web browsers, which provide a similar experience while being far more secure and private.

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