It’s not a new that the default iPhone settings saves both picture and videos in HEIC format

This can be nerve wracking for users who would want to send image files to window devices. And here’s why, windows in particular do not support HEIC format. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean there is no way around this .

So, in this post I will teach you 4 simple steps to change your HEIC fomat to JPG on your iPhone devise all by yourself. So, read on!!

As we all know, Apple being known for the quality camera feature adopts the system of Saving it’s photo files and videos as default in HEIC format instead of JPG. And here’s why.

HEIC format saves photos/ videos of higher quality with low storage. Let me explain better. Little space is occupied for saving your high quality photos as opposed to JPG.

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However, with these 4 steps below you will be able capture or save any photo to JPG format in 60 seconds. The first step.

Steps on how to capture photos in jpg format on iPhone

Step 1: Locate the SETTINGS APPLICATION on your iPhone.

Capture Photos in JPG Format on iPhone

Step 2: Then search for the CAMERA APP downward and click on it.

Capture Photos in JPG Format on iPhone

step 3. After that, few options are displayed, then click on FORMAT.

Capture Photos in JPG Format on iPhone

step 4 . Once you have done that, just select MOST COMPATIBLE


Bravo!! You have successfully changed your camera default settings to JPG. But there’s one downside to it. All your past photos remain as HEIC format.

Aside that, you can proceed to enjoy your pictures in JPG format. Good luck

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