Podcast is a way to play and listen to free TV or radio shows via your phone. Podcast App is a software app for android help in listening and displaying your favorite episodes and shows in the playlist. almost all podcasts app have normal standard as a feature. Most Podcasts apps provide an audio enhancement that instantly adds to human voice. if you are a fan of listening to radio and watching tv shows, then this post is compose for you and anybody that have same interest on what you have. podcast helps you alot most especially when you have nothing doing or you busy with your self. you can play on your any radio or Tv podcast apps I shortlisted below. So that to have a friend gisting you around not to make your work boring.

you can have a podcast app installed on your Android phone. here i will shortlist top best Podcast App For android, which you can choose any from the list below and install.

The list of podcast apps you can find below are all review, installed and checked by me, my self. so all this list are Choosen base on me and best to suit you. this is just a little short of list I do, so as time goes on I will be updating this post with more podcast apps that I install and enjoy using. which I know it will suit you also.


Best Free Podcast App for Android

Below are the list of best Podcast Apps You can download for your Android Phone base on my experience with them.

1. Google Podcasts

This stand as my top first from my list. Google Podcast offer a very good podcasts starting from sport news, comedies, entertainment etc.

Google Podcast helps also to find podcasts and listen to other provided podcast Free. By listening, you can listen and whilist a podcasts and make it your favorite podcasts. Track previously downloaded history to listen podcasts easily. It helps you with news like comedy, entertainment, trending and popular shows.

High playback speed listening to podcasts is here. Take episodes in the queue and listen to them in a comfortably listening. It explore you with different episodes recommendation which you may be interested in. you can access to listen to podcasts from multiple devices like phone, pc, tablet at any time and any place. also you can download a radio or TV show to watch later Offline.

2. Anchor

This stand as my second choice from my list. With Anchor you can create your podcasts in the easiest way. You can distribute it on your preferred platform.
it allow you to monetize your recorded episodes from your device free. Audio can be recorded from anywhere on any device. Then afterwards, the Anchor Episode Builder allows you to edit and visualize your audio records. Your podcasts can be shared to a popular platforms.

Design the cover art with the help of the cover art by Anchor for your episode show you created. Through this application, you can also apply your listeners’ voice messages to episodes. It also allows you to add a background sound music. Also a way is done to support creators, Fan can can easily take drop a donation to creators through creators profile. With this creators will be making some bucks right.

3. Castbox

CastBox is one of the largest leading podcast app to install worldwide. It is easy to subscribe to your favorite podcasts so not to miss any episode of your programs. Some smart speakers also do help support you to listen to podcasts such speakers like Apple HomePod, Google Home and others.

With Castbox podcast you can go to learn various of languages. based on what languages you want to learn, you can browse to find out channels that are standard to you. it also let you to download episodes for offline listening and also to favorite your podcast.

4. Spotify

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming app, but do you know that you can still stream your favorite podcasts with spotify app? or you just have a knowledge of only music you can stream. Playing podcast on Spotify is quite easy and if you use spotify app for your music listening, it’s something good and fine to have two things doing in one place. Spotify app do a best to provide you with many features you can enjoy but not like other list of Podcasts apps I listed.

5. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is Podcasts’ strongest platform. It’s a perfect podcast app for podcasts with powerful features. Podcast player offers opportunities for searching, listening and searching at the next level. You will also listen to your favorite podcasts and download your favorite shows to watch them offline.


Hope these apps are going to be useful for listening and making your podcasts. Is easy to earn with any of the above apps I listed. if you want to start creating your own podcasts, then download any of the above app.

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