Many people can hum a melody to relax, and research have shown that listening to music can lower anxiety, blood pressure, depression, and pain, as well as increase sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

There are times when you hear a song on the radio or on the streets that you have never heard before, and the song sounds so good to your ears that you want to learn more about it, but the problem is that you have no idea what the song is about, let alone the lyrics or the artist.

Another example is when you listen to a music and try to sing it after a while, you find yourself humming the tune, thus how do you recognize any song by its humming?

Perhaps no one would have believed or assumed that a song could be identified without the lyrics or by simply humming the tune a few years ago. So, guess what? It had been made possible by technology advancement. You may now utilize a variety of speech recognition software and song identification apps to identify any music simply by humming it.

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List Of Applications That You Can Use To Find Any Song (Music) By Humming The Tune.

1. Midomi

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

Midomi is a strong voice-search engine that allows you to identify songs by singing or humming them. Midomi can recognize a song by humming it in roughly 10 seconds.

The positive thing about Midomi is that it has a vast community, with new members signing up every day and music fans adding to the website’s database on a regular basis. As a result, practically every song ever written in any language may be found on this community.

2. SoundHound

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

SoundHound makes it simple to find music playing in your near area. Simply press the big orange button, and SoundHound will tell you what song is now playing.

Not only can the service recognize the playing track, but also the one you hum. True, in this circumstance, accuracy may suffer. As a result, SoundHound returns a Google Play link to the selected track. If the recognition is successful, the program can also follow the lyrics in real time.

The application is well-designed and easy to use. True, the recognition process takes longer than it does when Shazam is used.

3. AHA Music – Music Identifier (extension for Chrome)

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

Installing the Chrome AHA Music – Music Identifier extension is another way to find a music by humming or singing.

Furthermore, because it allows us to identify songs from movies or series that we are watching at the time, its use is simple and comprehensive.

If a background song is playing, the application will listen to it and recognize it. You can also open the music on Spotify by clicking the Spotify icon.

The technique of identifying songs by humming takes a little longer because we must first record oneself humming or singing on a website such as Online Voice Recorder. Then, after playing the recorded track, turn on the AHA Music Identifier extension.

4. Shazam

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

Shazam is without a doubt the best and most widely used music recognition app.

Shazam can identify almost every song in the world in seconds, but the downside is that it does not identify songs solely by humming the tune; instead, it displays lyrics and other information about the music that has been identified.

Shazam also provides real-time updates from the world of music through an easy-to-use interface. To make things even more fascinating, the app suggests songs you might like and allows you to follow your favorite artists! Learn how to view Spotify lyrics.

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5. MusiXmatch

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming The Tune

This is an online app with the world’s largest collection of song lyrics, which millions of people use to obtain instant synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, and other services.

It can be used to identify unknown songs by simply entering in some lyrics, in addition to showing lyrics.

6. Musipedia

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

Musipedia is described as the Wikipedia of music, and you know what that implies, right? Wikipedia has a lot of information on it, and since it has Musipedia, which is the music version of it, you won’t be able to find a song or sing a tune.

Musipedia caters to persons with a musical background because it allows users to identify songs based on their melody (instead of humming).

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7. MusicID

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

Another little-known service with very little advertisement inside. It is more geared at a foreign audience, hence Russian compositions are not generally recognized. The detected track is accompanied by Amazon links. Recommendations are among the advantages. All music identified are saved in the search history, and for each song, comparable tracks and YouTube links are presented.

8. BeatFind

Best Apps To Identify Any Song By Humming the Tune

In terms of identification accuracy, the app is on line with its older brothers. BeatFind, on the other hand, is almost completely free of advertisements and other annoyances. Additional links to third-party services such as Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube are provided alongside the recognized track.

You can also visualize the music that the application “hears.” As though you were carrying a portable strobe, synchronized animations show on the device’s screen, and your phone’s camera can blink to the beat of the music. However, there is a drawback: you can’t hum to find a song in this recognition program.


That’s all there to, guys!! By humming the tune and using any of the above applications, you can recognize any music playing around you without having to look at the lyrics.

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